Please Watch

I added a new page to my blog on pit bulls and the care you have to give them, I stumbled across this video on YouTube and had to share.. This is fantastic, this is a perfect example of a dog who has been taken care of and has been given the love they deserve.



With confidence it will make you smile,

– Mary <3

Let’s talk magic

Magical experiences?

Have you ever run into someone who you haven’t seen in ages? Before this happened you were oddly thinking about that thing that they used to do that you enjoyed; then poof, they’re in your circle. Definitely an odd experience but I guess that’s the universe? Anyways, I ran into someone who I used to go to high school with. The man owns a pit bull! I was writing about pit bulls and was consistently thinking to myself “I can’t wait to own a baby blue nose and name her Nikita.” 

He said she was pregnant and my heart instantly said, jump on it Mary. To keep the story from dragging on and on because it truly would; I think I may be getting a baby blue nose.

baby blue nose

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Still deciding

Deciding on what the topic for this blog should be, perhaps canines? My favourite breed, well I shouldn’t go into to much detail about favourites as everything and everyone I believe to be equal. I do love pit bulls and the energy they give off, a lot of people carry an energy that points to their dislike of the breed; this is not cool. A dogs energy is based on the way they were brought up, just as if a child was brought up in a suburb house spoiled and given an incredible amount of love they would generally expect that in the future. A child who grew up in a family with little money but a solid support system may not value materialism as much but would still have that beautiful harmonious energy.


Hoping everyone is enjoying their day, this is a quick little post before I head off to work!

Something different, it’s 2016.

Going to lead us into something special with this one, love what I’ve done in the past in regards to internet blogging. Have found a neat way of writing the things I choose to speak about, thoughts run from my mind onto the keyboard nicely at this point, but who knows this might be a disaster! Jokes, I love blogging and look forward to sharing my thoughts with my viewers. 🙂 Visit my home page for more information, but if you’d like to contact me, feel free!